Azadi trading company with 30 years of experience is honored to present its products with knowledge of quality,usage and construction
Furthermore on selling all types of chains,industrial gears and conveyer belts, is ready to counsil you in selecting chains and gears along with supporting you all for your national productions
Our efforts to counsil you in a right way is based on different industries With the development of industrial technology and Iran’s need for specialized equipment, they replaced general tools with industrial chains and belts
Also Using other’s experienceu, following principles to maintain customers’ trust, integrity in sale, academic knowledge and parallel advancement with changes in sales methods and modern marketing have always been amongst our premier priorities
As well as Today, regarding the crisis and economic downturn, we consider price variations with high quality products very important and this is to create service for our customers
This company is official agency of Japan’s KANA, German Wipperman and korean DBC in Iran. Our profession is selling different types of power transmission chains, gear box chains, variable speed chains (PIV), steal conveyors, mount the …………

We hold a great number of the aforementioned company’s products as the sales representative and we sell these products as wholesale in all over Iran
Also our products could have effected industrial activities by being used in automaking,cement and concrete, steal making factories, mining industries, food industries, sugar and pharmaceutical industry of the country

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